I need to get over myself….


Anyone that knows me can tell you I do not sit down…ever. I’m too busy for that. A mom of 4, grandma of 2, cheer coach and just quit my job to start my own business.  I informed my husband that I will sleep when I am dead (that is for another blog) I know I frustrate the heck out of them. Each weekend I start out with good intentions of taking it easy but then Sunday night comes around and I am asking myself where did the weekend go???

Well, that changed on Monday when I had elective surgery. Surgery is no stranger to me. I have had 8 and thought I would be great in no time.  In 2008 I had the cardiac ablation and went grocery shopping 4 days later. Yes, I used the cart as a walker and it took a while but things needed to be done.  This time, I elected to have a total hysterectomy. Everything removed. It’s been something I wanted for a long time and was fortunate to be able to get it done. My grandma died of ovarian cancer and I have some issues with mine so everything was removed. Surgery went remarkably well and I was released the next day.

My husband was home the first few days and made me rest, in other words….do not move or I’ll sit on you. My friends were messaging me “Are you sitting? Are you relaxing??” Umm yeah? But on Thursday my kids went back to school and he went back to work. Well, my perfectionism decided to take over.  I made my way downstairs and looked around. There was pet hair on hardwood floors, dishes in the sink and kids clutter.  A friend of mine was coming over in a few hours. Hmmm, what can I do without hurting myself??? I am not supposed to be moving around much and no lifting. So I began putting things away I “felt” were under 5 pounds, wiping counters down and putting dishes in the sink. That’s easy, right?  Then the pain hit me.  4 Advil and 2 Tylenol later I was entertaining my friend trying not to look at the dust bunnies and dishes without cringing. I then realized if that was them and I went to visit the last thing I would do is look at the floors in judgment.  My thoughts would be on their health and happiness.  Society has been teaching us for decades that we must have a clean house, behaved children and a smile on our faces.  Remember Mrs. Cleaver? Thank goodness I do not own pearls or I would have thrown them on before seeing visitors at the hospital.

I thought I would use this time to write this because even we that teach this still need simple reminders of letting go. The other option was dress in sweats, lay on the ground and slide myself across the floor hoping to catch as much dog hair as I could.  Never underestimate a perfectionist.


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