Weekly Coach’s Challenge

Weekly Coach’s Challenge-

As I sit here writing this I am surrounded by a box of Kleenex, hot tea and covered with a blanket. Day 3 of a nasty cold and I thought this is a great challenge, how to keep healthy. My son came home with a stuffy nose, not bad at all. My daughter then got it, same mild case. Then my other daughter had it but stayed home. Well by the time it got to me while I am recovering from surgery it hit me pretty hard.

Obviously, we are taught to take our vitamins, eat right and exercise.  Continue to do those. Maybe eat a few more fruits and vegetables. It is September and that means kids are bringing germs home.

Along with nutrition and exercise add some stress relievers like walking or meditation. I am a big believer of homeopathic remedies too. Taking Elderberry Syrup and EmergenC in your water is a great way to stay ahead of the illnesses.  As soon as you feel a scratchy, dry throat or aches make sure you get plenty of rest and stay hydrated.  Probiotics are also a wonderful way to boost your immune system.

And finally good old soap and water. Washing is probably the #1 way to stay healthy.  But if you do get sick please stay home so you do not spread it and practice self-care. It is not selfish to take care of yourself.

Have a wonderful germ free week!



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