“Feelings, nothing more than feelings” or are they??

One of my favorite books is called  Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.  When I was in college we learned about the effects of internalizing our emotions.  Anger, sadness, regret and betrayal all settle in our bodies like clouds of energy. Each emotional cloud represents a place in the body.  Grief in the lungs, anger in the stomach area and sadness in the heart.  How many times have you heard the news that was very sad and put your hand on your chest? The book was referred to me when I was having some health issues so I bought it. It was quite enlightening.  It has just about every symptom in there, here are a few examples that are common ailments.

Nausea- rejecting the visualization of something you don’t want to see, wishing an undesirable situation had never happened or fear of something about to happen.

Headaches stress and tension- Inability to solve emotional upsets, hurt feelings going unexpressed, feelings of inner pressure working on you, feeling unable to control.

Back pain- feeling no support, can’t cope with emotional difficulties, feelings of frustration. Each region of the back has a different meaning.

I am not saying this is true every time. If you eat bad food and get nauseated it is probably because of the food. If you have a bulging disc you will have back pain. I cannot count how many times I have had something come up out of the blue and looked it up and it matched my feelings. When I relate the issue with the illness it usually goes away shortly after that.

The problem is if you do not get the emotional energy clouds out then it will manifest into more serious diseases which can become life threatening. One example was a woman whose husband died after a lengthy health challenge and she developed an aggressive form of lung cancer at a young age but had never smoked in her life. Grief manifests in your lungs.

I have the book on my kindle and cannot recommend it highly enough. I use it on my kids and my husband. My daughters stuff their emotions and will end up with a stomach ache. After we talk it goes away.  Imagine that….


Feelings Buried Alive Never Die




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