Always give thanks…

14718725_10154632595451972_3638352421751790526_nThe last few weeks have been crazy in my household. My daughter had her first homecoming dance so that meant hair and makeup appointments. Getting ready was an all day event. Then  my cheer team had their night game performance at the school’s football game.  We have been practicing since the end of July. It is like the super bowl for our cheer team.  I was tough and had high expectations for my girls. I know their potential so I push them to it. We have fun but this is our serious month. We live in a small town and the community is very supportive of our school sports and musical events.  The team was amazing. It was very cold and raining but they never complained even though they were wearing shorts and a tee shirt.  After the game, the families and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate the performance.  I stood on the chair to give thanks and tell them how much I love each one of them. The next day I wrote a letter to the team and personally thanked each main person involved.  I absolutely could not have the caliber or chemistry of the team without these important people and I wanted them to know that. I canceled this Thursday’s practice so we could have a Halloween party for some fun.

For some reason, the art of giving thanks and recognition is going away.  I was taught no news is good news when I worked in the bakery years ago.  Why is that? We all want validation and to know we did a good job. It takes as much effort to compliment as it does to criticize so why do most people choose to criticize.  We have all had moments we are not at our best and I would hate to be judged by that moment. If you have ever worked in retail or hospitality you know how customers can treat you. I have been talked down to and treated poorly from customers. It was hard to be polite and helpful when treated in this manner. That is why I treat each person who is helping me with kindness. If they look stressed I tell them not to worry and that I appreciate all they are doing for me.  You can see them relax and feel better from just being validated.  Did it take any effort to compliment them? No. Even better start off validating them and you will see the results from it I promise. It can be as simple as asking how their day is going.  I like to use the still pond and the stone. If you drop a stone in a still pond you will see the ripples from it.  The ripples can be good or can be bad. Your words and attitude choose what they will be. Always choose kindness. You can change someone’s day just being kind.



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