Walking my talk…

Walking my talk…

I have always tried to make sure if I tell my client to do something that I would do the same. Not happy with life? Change what doesn’t work. Giving too much of yourself? Then practice self-love.  It is one of my life’s mottos. Living your authentic self. Being true to yourself and having integrity. Live life boldly, proud and without reservations. Unfortunately, I realized that I was not living that way myself.

Maybe I should explain a few things-

I am an intuitive. I really detest the word psychic because there are so many frauds out there and I do not want to be associated with them. I will never tell your future, I am not a fortune teller. There is something called free will that can totally change your life path.

I am a medium. Yes, I actually talk to dead people. No, I do not hear voices in my head and no I do not ask leading questions to create a message.  All mediums are intuitive but not all intuitive are mediums.

I have been in my own protective closet because of the fear of judgment and rejection.  I have to feel safe around a person and after a few key questions I know if they are “open” or not. I have been pleasantly surprised at how many are open to me.

My friend Mike and I were hanging out today which brings me to why I am writing this. He could not believe most people did not know about my gift. When I explained why he said to think of all the people from centuries past who died because they were misunderstood. They were called witches and devils.  I can assure you most of us work in the light and only in the light. It was a profound moment for me. Here I was not honoring those who paid with their life for being different. Somedays I wish I was “normal”. But then when I am able to connect those with loved ones they have lost, it doesn’t matter what people will say. I cannot own their reaction.  If I stay in my safe closet then I would not be a help to someone in need of comfort and connection.

So there I have opened the door of my safe space and am standing in the sunshine. It feels good being my authentic self. But I do ask one thing.  If you do not believe that is fine. I am not proving myself to you or anyone else, I know what I am. Just be respectful and we can agree to disagree.  I am the same person you knew before you read this only now more freer.


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