What Regression Therapy and Theta

 Past Life Regression

If you’ve ever wondered why you have a fear of heights or look into the eyes of a stranger and feel as if you know them, the answers may be found in your past lives, says Brian Weiss, MD, the author of Miracles Happen.
In past life therapy, we regress (go backward) to the source of issues and concerns based on prior life experiences. The work is based on the premise that we are eternal beings or souls who carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another. As eternal souls, we experience physical life on Earth in a series of human bodies and associated personalities. On a soul level, we choose each life circumstance as a means of challenging ourselves with new situations and opportunities for learning. Occasionally you will experience the time between incarnations to meet your soul groups, guides, and this life’s purpose or challenges.

Regression Therapy

Regression is discovering and resolving earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions. Those forgotten experiences contain emotional wounds that never healed or triggered persistent half-conscious convictions. Such programs (“character traits”) only change when we understand how they were caused and why we have held on to them. Finding and releasing these experiences unlocks emotions and bring insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences.

What is Theta Healing

 It is a training method for your mind, body, and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life developing positive beliefs in all that we do.